Make your next special event an enjoyable and memorable one by inviting KidsAlong Events to provide an unforgettable experience for your attendees' children. Our safe, enriching programs will keep your parent-invitees worry-free and focused on your activities, knowing that their children are busy playing, learning and being well cared for.

We help ensure your event's success by making it easier and more appealing for parent-invitees to attend.  You give us the time and place, and we'll come up with your very own custom-designed, imaginative, and engaging programs for children of any age.  With KidsAlong Events, you'll enjoy increased participation and satisfaction in your event without any added stress or liability on your end.

So, tell the potential attendees of your next special event to go ahead and bring the kids along.  We'll be there, ready, with fun, educational activities and games galore, and an expert staff of childcare providers to ensure parents' peace of mind.

Leave it to us.  You take care of your events, and we'll take care of the kids.

  • Entice your invitees with KidsAlong's imaginative, engaging and safe programs for their children.

  • Gain your parent-attendees' full attention by creating a worry free environment for their kids.

  • Let us create a custom-designed, locale-inspired program for child participants of any age.


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