Participation in a corporate event shouldn't mean that parent participants have to choose between valuable meetings and time spent with their families.  When planning your next corporate meeting, why not provide added incentive for your participants to attend?

Invite KidsAlong to offer quality care for your event attendees' children and, in doing so, choose to express a level of commitment to your participants' families that will really hit home.

Offering KidsAlong children's programs alongside your adult activities is guaranteed to increase overall participation in your corporate event.

KidsAlong programs provide a wonderful opportunity for corporate leadership to develop work-family synergy.  Demonstrate an understanding of parent attendees' needs and the importance of family, and your organization will find that appreciation and will resound in the form of increased commitment, loyalty, and a stronger overall company culture.

Plus, your conference attendees will be able to devote their full attention to your events, knowing that their children are learning, having fun, and being well cared for.  We take care of all the details so your company can reap the benefits without any added planning, hassles, or liabilities.

So, leave it to us.  You take care of the meetings and we'll take care of the kids.

Added benefits of having our onsite children's programs at your next meeting:​


  • Be considered a progressive, top employer

  • Brand your company family-friendly

  • Get your parent-attendees' full attention at meetings

  • Increase your off-site conference attendance

  • Gain a better return on your investment

  • Promote healthy interaction and social networking within your company for a stronger corporate community

  • Demonstrate commitment to your employees and their families


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