Simple Ways to Become a Family-Friendly Company

Whether it’s an office event or an off-site event there are countless ways to make our little people feel important:

1. Bring Your Kids To Work Day

This can be a company-wide event or even within each department. Take a tour of the office to learn about what parents do when they drop off little Johnny or Abby at daycare.  

  • Offer lunch or snacks

  • Educational sessions in each department

  • Tours of the office

  • Activities and Arts & Crafts

2. Daycare Options

On-site or off-site centers is becoming the new trend as we integrate our work/family life.  Offering on-site daycare is an option for parents to check on their children throughout the day and event have a snack or lunch with them.  Studies show when children are nearby parents are more effective.  Overall it’s a win-win and can add to over-all productivity and the company’s bottom-line.  If on-site daycare is not an option, contribution a matching program to assist with this expense can be beneficial.

3. Traveling with Kids

Many companies offer the opportunity to bring their kids along for company retreats and conferences. Often times it’s a fully-sponsored event or a possible buy-in.  Offering a mini-conference, kids can add to the over-all company morale and acknowledge the importance of family.  Consider exploring destinations that are family-friendly when choosing your next conference and look at partnering with an expert company to help find the best solution that meets your needs and best practices.  The benefits of offering a kid’s program are countless and can have favorable implications on employee retention and involvement.  

Interested in finding a solution for your company contact us at for more information.

Stay tuned for more blogs on how you can make your company more family-friendly, and what activities can be easily incorporated into your events, business, and organization.


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